Prototyping high heeled sandals, pumps and boots

Those sandals have been designed in Paris by myself and then manufactured in Italy. On this page all the pictures are prototypes. You can see the final product here for the Ibiza model which has four colors : black, yellow, red and brown.

I make the whole physical prototype by working the leather, making the pattern, cutting and sewing.

Here is a gallery of pictures of a boot prototype made in Saint Germain, Paris.

Some pictures & moments of life.

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Une publication partagée par Kendrick (@kendrick_krug) le

Chopard / Hôtel de Vendôme, Tashen, with Christopher McQuarrie and Kenzo Takada, on the Panthéon & Guo Pei invitation to Haute Couture fashion show.

Kendrick’s path of life

As an engineer I worked in the automotive industry, mainly as a research and development engineer. I had the opportunity to make prototypes for the assembly lines and during my studying years, to work on various machines. I worked also with Information Technology department to setup tools for project management and use 3d softwares to design parts.

Then I moved to Mexico where I continued to work in this industry; in my spare time I discovered the beauty of this country. I started to make many photographies and furthermore, I decided to travel from San Diego (USA) to Honduras, seeing the whole of Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.

Coming back to France, I left this industry and I opted for another type of creative work and became author of a french travel guide about Mexico. This travel book became one of the most attractive of the collection involved thanks to my photographs. I also worked in the musical industry for a french musician.

Then I collaborated with one of the leading french photography press agency covering news, events, fashion shows and got published in many newspaper. I also won a prize at the Espace Pierre Cardin (see videos).

After experimenting into the fashion and television industry, this lead me to join a start-up where I could practice photography, art direction, website development; this actually permitted me as a partner to develop the business of this company. The prototype I developed became soon a hit and we managed to gain many contracts with major companies quoted on the stock exchange.

Since the 80’s, a company had been selling software for fashion designers all around the world and it got partially acquired by the main leader of this fashion industry which bought the commercial department but not the software one. I had the opportunity to acquire the software company with this dedicated product for stylists and developed partnerships with companies in New York and Tel Aviv to commercialize pattern making solutions and cutting machines. Most of the clients where in the fashion industry such as Yves Saint Laurent, Nina Ricci, Karl Lagerfeld, Etro… and the company had resellers established in California, Milan, Greece and Germany.

I collaborate with the Blog Magazine Benude (App iOS & Android) and do photography of fashion shows. For exemple, the Julien Fournié’s first Haute Couture fashion show in Paris, Spring Summer 2017 :

Julien Fournié Spring Summer 2017

Design of high-heeled shoes and boots has been a passion for a long time; obviously inspired by fashion to develop women silhouette. Those silhouette designs were to contribute to my creative aesthetic emotion.

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